Eco and Stealth Mode

Eco Mode

This mode allows you to inform your device to only wake every X hour. So for example, you may wish your tracker to only report a GPS position every 4 hours. The device will then switch off and wake every 4 hours and send a position to the panel.

The benefits are:

  • Increases battery life
  • Cannot be detected whilst the device is off

To return the device to its normal tracking state, you simply Click the “exit eco mode” button. The device will then receive this command from our servers, only when the device is due to wake up.

It will then accept the command and return to its normal tracking mode. This mode can be found in the Commands section called “Eco Mode”

Stealth Mode

This mode allows you to completely switch of your device for a period of time.

The benefits are:

  • Increases battery life because the device does not consume any power whilst in this state
  • Very difficult to detect with detection equipment whilst in this mode

Once placed into this mode, The panel will display the time in days/mins/secs when your device will switch back on. You cannot send any commands to the device whilst the device remains in stealth mode.

To activate Stealth, simply go to the Commands button and you are able to activate this mode.