Professional GPS Tracker Hire for Events

Spymonde offers a range of Professional Waterproof GPS Trackers for Groups, Solo Efforts, Teams, Sports Clubs, Youth Groups, Charities or Mass Participation Events. Whatever the event simply drop us a line with your requirements and we will take care of the Tracking side. This then leaves you free to concentrate on organising the Event. We have the most advanced Tracking Panel available that is used by Police, Military, Airlines, Endurance, Cycling, Mountain Running & Hiking, Adventure Racing Events, Orienteering, Endurance Running, Sailing, Kayaking & Triathlon. Get the best and most accurate Tracking solution for your Event..


Why Use Spymonde?

  • We Manufacture are own Units
  • Most trusted Platform in the Industry
  • Unlimited SMS & Data Flow
  • SOS Button on Units
  • Man Down Feature
  • Worldwide Unlimited Tracking
  • 100% Waterproof Units
  • OS & Google Maps + Huge Features

Fully Managed Service

We offer many solutions with no hidden costs. Our quote is based on per unit which includes shipping to you and back again. All Data & SMS. As the Event Organiser all you need to do is assign a unit per person. Once the unit is switched on Live Tracking will be seen on the control panel within 30 seconds. You can use any device include Android, iOS, Tablet, Desktop to view the Data Live. Instant alert notification if an Event Participant presses the S.O.S. Button.

24/7 365 Support

We have 24/7 365 Support Online giving you unparalleled back-up in case you encounter any problems. We also offer a FREE 1 to 1 service with key members of your Event Management Team which allows them to be fully trained before the Event.  Insurance Compliance is a must for any Event. We can advise you on obtaining professional insurance in advance of your Event.

Contact the Sales Team for FREE Advise..

Professional GPS Tracking Units

Having been a Manufacturer for many years we only supply the latest units.  All units have pre-installed Worldwide SIM Cards and ready to operate immediately. We provide many options for specific events. For example runners and hikers typically require super lightweight units with average of 3 day battery whilst longer events require a larger capacity unit with 7 day+ battery.  For long term events over weeks we can supply units with ECO Mode which will report the unit position to custom timeframe. Typically these units have up to 12 months battery life!

The biggest question we receive is “how long does the battery last” the simple answer is as with every GPS Tracker is the amount of live reports the unit sends. Typically reporting every 10 minutes our super lightweight units will be active for 72 hours guaranteed.

Bespoke Manufacturing Of GPS Trackers

Does your Company or Event Organisation require Bespoke Manufacturing? We can fabricate or integrate a Professional GPS Tracker into virtually any product. Check our GPS Belt Tracker within our online store for example.

We work directly with your ideas to produce a fully functioning prototype and then manufacture in-house the finished product. We have integrated GPS Trackers into Trainers, Rucksacks & even Animal Collars.

Call today to discuss your individual requirements.