Bespoke Covert Audio Solutions

Spymonde manufactures unique Professional Audio Equipment for a diverse client base. We custom build each unit individually according to client specifications. Our units are used by Police, Military, Intelligence Services and Security Individuals.


Our GSM listening devices place a great amount of emphasis upon endurance and sound quality. These devices are very simple when it comes to functionality and exhibit very long standby times & simple deployment.

UHF listening devices

Listening devices which use radio frequency and are denoted by UHF (ultra high frequency) operate on higher frequencies above 400 mHz. Their main advantage over GSM listening devices is the quality of sound, you will get perfectly clean transition with almost 0 disturbances. One of the main disadvantages is the need for a receiver to be placed within the reach of the UHF listening device. There are a variety of uses for the UHF listening, which can be mounted into objects or simply placed onto a 220V power source.

We turnaround ALL Bespoke orders within 7 days & each unit comes with our unique 5 year guarantee.