Note: Eco Mode & Flight Mode is available on ALL older units, however ALL the new functions: Pursuit, Park & Log are specific new functions to our new 2018/19 SM Range with the new state of the art chipsets. Please contact us to upgrade your existing units.

Flight Mode

Flight Mode: This unique new feature has been developed to enable the user to completely switch off the device to a pre-determined time effectively tripling the battery life.

Example: Set the pre-determined time to switch off completely before you board your flight. The device will then wake and report a position instantly after the pre-determined time set has passed. (set timezones before travelling)

Worldwide: Spymonde devices are shipped with a “Worldwide Roaming Sim Card”. There is no additional cost to the user when using your device Worldwide (no other company offers this)

Note: The unit will be completely switched off during the period determined by the user & will not report a position until the mode timer ends.

Eco Mode

Eco Mode: This unique power saving function has been designed to maximise the battery on your device. This has been the biggest request from clients wanting to extend their device battery when tracking a specific asset where it isn’t possible to retrieve it easily. i.e. placed on a subject vehicle.

Note: The device will wake at your pre-determined time and report a position. The device then re-enters Eco Mode as per time schedule.

Exit Eco Mode: You need to manually exit Eco Mode through the control panel otherwise once switched into this mode it will continue autonomously to stay in this mode until switched off.

This unique function is not offered by any other GPS Tracker Provider!

Pursuit Mode

Pursuit Mode: Using this new feature will enable you to keep tracks instantly with 1 second updates which is unique in the GPS Tracker industry.

Example: The asset is being followed after being stolen and you need precise instant locations to allow for interception.

Note: Using this mode will drastically reduce the battery life of the device as it is reporting GPS positions instantly.

Tracking Panel User Guide

Click the button below to open the tracking panel user guide in PDF format. The in-depth guide explains all the different features available.

We will be adding new video user guides weekly..

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